am Freitag: WHISKEY & WOMAN & 20vor8 live

Am Freitag, 02. August, um 20 Uhr, da kommen Whiskey & Woman und sie kommen von irgendeinem Ende der Welt und haben ihre Instrumente dabei und wir wurden gefragt, ob wir supporten wollen und das wolllen wir! Whiskey & Woman schreiben über sich:

Whiskey and Women got their name from their first street performance together: they had only an hour to earn enough money to buy a bottle of Jameson. It was a cold, rainy day in Edinburgh, Scotland. They had never rehearsed a lick of music together. Did they succeed? Yes! They busted out Irish, Scottish, and Welsh drinking songs, sea shanties, Cajun two-steps, honky-tonk originals, impromptu harmonies, and a whole lot of stomp and holler. The Scots responded with generous tips. The ladies knew they had something special: a mix of musicality and fun that was powerful even in its raw, unrefined state. Years later, in ornate venues and lowly street corners, the fun still shines through their performances like a beam of sunshine through a 25 year-old single malt.

Wo? Neuhöferstraße 23 , Gewerbehof Puhsthof , Haus 17, Buslinie 13 , Vehringstraße Mitte aussteigen.